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My name is Diana Harness and I have always had a love for things "crafty".  From a child, I was always working on a needlepoint or cross-stitch project and became interested in sewing during my high school years in Home Economics classes.  When my daughter was young, I enjoyed sewing "fancy" dresses for her piano recitals, Christmas, and Easter.  The boys had their share of cute little shorts and matching shirts when they were young.  After the children grew past the stage where they were willing to wear "cute little outfits", my sewing time turned to clothing repair and making curtains, pillows, and placemats.  I also became extremely interested in knitting and scrapbooking.  In 2008, three years after moving from Ohio to Texas, I "retired" from teaching to become nanny to my 2 month old niece (the model in  many of my photos!).  While waiting for Emma's birth (and becoming excited about sewing again), I purchased a new Janome sewing machine (with all the bells and whistles!) and serger. While in the store, I heard about Martha Pullen and the Sewing Market coming to Arlington where I first saw an embroidery machine -- that was the beginning of the end!  I am now the proud owner of two sewing machines, two sergers, one embroidery machine, and two embroidery/sewing machines!  But, I still only have one iron.........

God has been very good to me since beginning Sew Much More.   I work hard all year in order to have enough of my products available to sell every possible weekend during the craft  fair season (September - December).  If you are interested in one of my products, please remember that I am a "one woman show" and may need extra time to stitch replacements once craft selling season starts.

Because I do not own the copyright designs I stitch (only the permission to sell items made from the designs), I will be more than happy to share my source for designs.  Please do not ask me, however, the sources for the materials I use.  For instance, all the items found in the Discovery Bags were the result of three years of internet and local shopping, trial and error, and many $ spent finding the best products while keeping my costs, and your cost,  low.

Thank you and check back often for new and exciting additions!

Diana Harness
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